The hero’s journey of the
Pre-Sales Consultant 

– The training for B2B Sales Engineering Teams –

»Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar«

This course is for Sales Engineers and their teams that want to

  • Stand out against the competition in the way they shape their engagements (discovery sessions, demos, PoCs and RfPs)
  • Be part of the Sales team instead of feeling pushed around
  • Avoid filling pages of pages of RfP answers for deals destined to be lost
  • Understand how to use the Unexpected to their advantage

Who is it not for

  • Sales Engineers who have seen it all and know it all – this is for people open to new perspectives
  • Teams who follow the “We have always done it that way” attitude
  • Sales Engineers who prefer manipulation techniques and tactics over integrity, excellence and values
  • Sales Engineers who believe that technology alone will make their customers successful

The Sales Engineering role becomes more complex

  • Team player
  • B2B Software Sales Skills
  • Good human
  • Exceptionally curious
  • Creative
  • Limitless Thinking
  • Challenging the customer
  • Thought leader in the industry
  • Public Speaker
  • Technologist
  • Evangelist

This course gives you tools for tackling those challenges. The actual skill you need to acquire on your own. But at least you know how to get started.

The story of a Sales Engineer Just imagine ...

And again you got called late afternoon by your Account Executive to spontaneously demo your solution to a new client tomorrow morning. 
Like a volcano that breaks the centuries old crust of stone, anger boils up in you because you will miss Stammtisch with your friends – again! That is the third time in a row now … after burying the head in your palms for some minutes you dismiss the idea of meeting your friends. You open the laptop and start preparing the demonstration, eating lots of chocolate cookies.

But just imagine you would have a tool to control what’s coming onto your table and a way to push back on opportunities that will potentially lead nowhere. How does that sound?

Or imagine your Account Executive, Account Development, Professional Services or Customer Success colleagues wondering how you manage to lead your clients to success leveraging unusual workshop types and unexpected presentation styles. Additionally, you turned around a PoC and proved value in a way that can’t be matched by the competition. How would you feel?

Simply imagine how you feel when you find yourself – with your partner or spouse – on a sunny beach enjoying Executive Club because you overachieved your goals.

And last but not least find yourself walking to your weekly Stammtisch, enjoying your friends or hobbies and finally have the time to do it.

In order to get there you need to take on a journey. The journey of the Sales Engineer that will lead you from being a reactive resource towards a proactive member of the opportunity team.

Tell your team, tell you manager and start the ride.
Simply send me an email to and ask for a phone call.

the heros journey of the presales consultant

Reasons to Join the fellowship of the opportunity

Your team is trained on every demo methodology out there but still customers aren’t impressed?
Let me help you change the way to approach your clients.

  • The training is accompanied by hands-on exercises. That might be role plays, creating little videos and other unexpected and creative bits.




Value Proof

Frequently asked questions

  • If your Sales Engineering Team is guided mainly by company and CRM processes there is a chance they miss out on creative or bold ideas.
    When there are loads of complaints about wasted time on opportunities and misunderstandings with Account Executives.
    If the Sales Engineers pretend to be busier than the post man during christmas then there is a good chance this training is a perfect fit for your team.

    The training’s focus is on: How to

    • generate time
    • perform a professional discovery
    • qualify opportunities
    • lead with the unexpected at the client
    • provide valuable insights to clients
    • prove value

You CRM collects precise data to make fact-based decisions. You force your Sales Engineers to waste hours and hours curating the opportunity record instead of helping clients?
Let me help you change the way to approach your clients.

Patrick Pissang is a Sales Engineer.
In the past he worked successfully for MuleSoft from 2014 until it got acquired by Salesforce in 2018, continuously adding new ways of doing Pre-Sales. He found his niche in the team by leading clients with the unexpected.
Patrick trained the world-wide MuleSoft team internally on methodologies he developed in the field.

Nowadays Patrick works as freelancing Sales Engineer, book author, Sales Engineering coach, investor and entrepreneur.

Patrick Pissang is of class 1981. He lives in Bavaria with his wife and two daughters.

off-site zoomed in

Thinking out of the box instead of training out of the box

Agenda Module 1

Module I – Mindset


Urgent vs. Important

Not needed on the deal

Play to win

Don’t lead with the solution

Look for partners (not buyers)

Act as if you had no boss

Pillars of positioning


Mindset exercise

Agenda Module 2

Module II – Preparation

Desk research

Leaving ego behind

Vision toolbox

Discovery process

Communication traps

Preparation exercise

Agenda Module 3

Module III – Qualification


Meditations on qualification

Discovery as qualification


Answering skills

Qualification criteria

Qualification techniques

Qualification exercise

Agenda Module 4

Module IV – Value Proof

The value shadow

Your value as a salesperson

Value quiz

Understanding category-design

Price is not an issue

Value exercise